St. Robert Police Department Building Damaged: Storm Effects in Pulaski County

ST. ROBERT, Mo. — On Tuesday, teams from the National Weather Service will assess the destruction in the Waynesville and St. Robert regions. A powerful line of storms, just before midnight, caused extensive damage across Pulaski County.

The storm caused harm to a storage building at the St. Robert Police Department, although the main police department building remains operational. Additionally, the storm inflicted damage on the Uranus Fudge Factory, a popular roadside attraction along I-44.

Strong winds resulted in the downing of numerous power lines, leading to widespread power outages. As a result, the Waynesville School District decided to cancel classes for Tuesday, and a significant portion of the city is currently without electricity.

Furthermore, roads have been obstructed by trees that were uprooted during the storm, causing difficulties for travel.

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