Miles Bryant Murder: The Search for Justice in Susana Morales’ Death

The trial of Miles Bryant, a former Doraville police officer accused of murdering 16-year-old Susana Morales, has gripped the community with its disturbing revelations and heart-wrenching testimonies.

This case, involving the disappearance and death of Morales in the summer of 2022, is now in its final stages as both the prosecution and defense prepare for closing arguments. Here’s a look at the key aspects and developments in this tragic case.

Susana Morales’ Disappearance

On July 26, 2022, Susana Morales disappeared while walking home from a friend’s house. Surveillance cameras captured her last known movements near Singleton Road and Indian Trail Lilburn Road around 10 p.m. Initially, the Gwinnett County Police Department treated her case as a possible runaway, leading her family to take on a desperate search themselves. Unfortunately, their efforts were in vain.

Months later, in February 2023, her remains were discovered near Highway 316, leading to the arrest of Miles Bryant, a Doraville police officer who lived and worked near Morales’ home.

Who is Miles Bryant?

Miles Bryant was a Doraville police officer and a respected member of the community until his arrest. He lived near Susana Morales’ neighborhood and worked as a courtesy officer at the apartment complex where Morales had visited on the night she vanished.

Following his arrest, disturbing allegations surfaced. In 2018, Bryant allegedly tried to enter a neighbor’s home through a window. In December 2022, he was accused of stalking a woman and attempting to enter her residence. These incidents, along with his close proximity to Morales, have cast a shadow over his character as the trial unfolds.

The Trial: Key Testimonies and Evidence

The trial has been filled with emotional testimonies and critical evidence, painting a complex picture of the events leading up to and following Morales’ disappearance.

Friends and Family Testify

Esmeralda “Rose” Castillo and Axel Zaragoza, close friends of Morales, provided poignant testimonies. Castillo recounted their last moments together and her growing concern when Morales did not return home. Zaragoza described Morales as a joyful and loving person and shared details of their multiple FaceTime calls on the night she disappeared.

Morales’ mother and sister also took the stand, sharing their heartbreaking accounts of the search for Susana, using apps like Life360 to track her. Their determination to find her underscored the profound impact of her loss on their lives.

Emotional Testimonies from Investigators

Detective Angela Carter, who played a crucial role in the investigation, became emotional on the stand as she described the discovery of Morales’ remains. Her testimony, along with that of Gwinnett County Police Lt. Xavier Biggers, highlighted the emotional toll the case has taken on those dedicated to finding Morales.

Forensic and Digital Evidence

Prosecutors presented significant forensic and digital evidence against Bryant. Cell phone data from Bryant’s work and personal phones showed searches related to tracking devices, hidden cameras, and decomposition shortly after Morales went missing and her remains were identified.

The court also viewed surveillance footage of Morales’ last movements and bodycam footage of the discovery of her remains. A gun found near Morales’ remains, which matched one reported stolen by Bryant, became a focal point of the prosecution’s case.

Character Witnesses

Testimonies from individuals who knew Bryant have painted a troubling picture. A former friend described him as a “stalker” due to his frequent, uninvited visits to her home. Avyonne Smyre, Bryant’s ex-girlfriend, testified about their arguments on the night Morales disappeared and noted suspicious scratches on Bryant’s truck.

The Case Against Miles Bryant

Prosecutors argue that Bryant used his position and familiarity with the area to commit the crime. They highlighted his suspicious online searches and the physical evidence linking him to the crime scene.

The defense, on the other hand, has questioned the reliability of the evidence and testimonies, challenging the prosecution’s narrative as they prepare for their closing arguments.

Community and Family Await Justice

The trial of Miles Bryant has stirred deep emotions within the community, highlighting issues of trust and safety. As the proceedings draw to a close, the community and Morales’ family await the verdict, hoping for justice and closure in this tragic case.


The death of Susana Morales and the trial of Miles Bryant have been a sobering reminder of the impact of violence and the importance of seeking justice. As we await the jury’s decision, this case underscores the need for vigilance, compassion, and accountability within our communities.

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