Lindsay Hubbard Dating: Insights into Her Romantic Relationship

Amidst swirling rumors about a potential pregnancy, Lindsay Hubbard from Summer House took the opportunity to set the record straight. During a recent conversation with Amanda Hirsch on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, Lindsay swiftly debunked the speculations, affirming that she is not expecting.

Lindsay’s Response to the Rumors

Responding to Amanda’s query about the pregnancy rumors, Lindsay dismissed them as absurd. She clarified, “I mean, these rumors are insane. Yeah, no, I’m not pregnant.” Lindsay also referenced similar rumors involving her friend Amanda Batula back in March, emphasizing that she had recently spent time with Amanda in Portugal and Mexico.

Insights into Lindsay’s Love Life

Following the closure of the pregnancy chatter, Lindsay delved into details about her romantic relationship. She disclosed that she has been dating someone since January and described the relationship as “getting pretty serious.” Revealing that her boyfriend is someone she had dated previously, Lindsay expressed admiration for his qualities and mentioned that he is two years younger than her, which she finds refreshing.

Navigating Public Relationships

Despite the progression of her relationship, Lindsay remains cautious about publicizing it. Reflecting on past experiences, she expressed uncertainty about making her relationship public, considering the challenges she has faced in the past.

Lindsay’s Desire for Motherhood

While Lindsay is not currently expecting, she has previously shared her desire to start a family. In various interviews, she has expressed her eagerness to embrace motherhood and start the next chapter of her life.

Reflections on Past Heartbreak

The conversation about Lindsay’s romantic life also touched upon her past relationship with Carl Radke, her former fiancé. Lindsay shared insights into the financial toll of their canceled wedding and provided updates on their current status.

Continuing the Search for Love

Despite the challenges she has faced, Lindsay remains optimistic about finding love. She affirmed her belief in love and her determination not to give up on her quest for happiness.


Lindsay Hubbard’s recent revelations shed light on her personal life, dispelling pregnancy rumors and offering insights into her current relationship status. As she navigates the complexities of love and relationships, Lindsay remains resilient in her pursuit of a fulfilling romantic life.


1. Is Lindsay Hubbard pregnant?

Nope, she made it clear she’s not expecting.

2. Who’s Lindsay Hubbard dating?

She’s back with someone she’s been with before, and they’ve been together since January.

3. Will Lindsay make her relationship public?

She’s not sure, given her past experiences.

4. Does Lindsay want kids?

Definitely! She’s mentioned wanting to start a family before.

5. What’s up with Lindsay and Carl Radke?

Their wedding was called off, leaving Lindsay with a financial hit, and they haven’t talked since the Summer House reunion.

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