Lebanon Woman Arrested for Alleged Child Kidnapping: Details Unfold

A Lebanon woman has been arrested by detectives for allegedly kidnapping a one-year-old child. Alicia Delcour faces one charge of child kidnapping, according to the Pulaski County prosecutor.

Investigators reported that Delcour had offered to care for the child while the mother rested following the birth of twins. However, when the mother tried to reach Delcour while the baby was with her, Delcour didn’t respond to any messages.

During questioning, Delcour initially claimed the child was hers, but later shifted blame to her boyfriend, alleging that he had stated they wouldn’t return the child once they had her.

When detectives spoke to the boyfriend, he stated that Delcour had informed him the child was hers and that her sister had been looking after the child. He also mentioned that his family had thrown a baby shower for Delcour.

Delcour is currently held in the Pulaski County Jail without bond posted.

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