Khloé Kardashian Dating Rumors and Balancing Motherhood and Setting Boundaries

Khloé Kardashian is not interested in dating at the moment. In a recent episode of *The Kardashians*, she told Scott Disick that she has no plans to date right now. When asked if she had a boyfriend or had gone on any dates, she replied firmly, “I don’t want to!”

Khloé explained that her busy schedule and her responsibilities with her two children, True and Tatum, take up all her time. “That’s my time,” she said. “I’m not sharing it with a man. I’m not sharing my TV, I’m not sharing my bed!”

No Reunion with Tristan Thompson

Khloé also addressed any hopes of getting back with her ex, Tristan Thompson, saying, “No… the door’s closed.” Despite their history of getting back together after breaking up, she emphasized that she is happy co-parenting their children and has no intention of rekindling their romance. “We all gotta grow up and move on,” Khloé added, stressing the importance of moving forward and setting boundaries.

Handling Public Scrutiny

Khloé admitted that she has faced a lot of judgment from the public about her choice to remain single. “Everyone has been really judgy about how I spend my time because I’m not dating,” she shared.

She mentioned that she stopped dating Tristan when she was pregnant with Tatum and hasn’t dated for the past two and a half years. Despite the criticism, Khloé stands by her decision, saying, “Two and a half years is not that crazy!”

The Future of Khloé’s Love Life

Even though Khloé isn’t interested in dating right now, she hasn’t completely ruled it out for the future. She told Scott Disick, “Eventually in life [I will date]. You think I am just going to be celibate for the rest of my life?” However, she made it clear that she is happy with her current routine and doesn’t want anyone to disrupt it. “I don’t want anyone stopping my routine [right now]. I’m comfortable in my rhythm,” she said.

Setting Boundaries with Tristan

Khloé highlighted the importance of setting boundaries with Tristan to prevent falling back into old patterns. “These boundaries are so important to put into place with Tristan because we’ve done this song and dance a handful of times already,” she explained.

Khloé is determined to keep their relationship focused on co-parenting their children and not let it slip back into a romantic one. “I keep it very short and sweet and make sure he knows it’s always about the kids because it’s so easy to fall back into [habits]. I can’t let those old habits easily come into my life. It’s just not what I want,” she stated.


Khloé Kardashian is committed to staying single and prioritizing her children and her personal routine. Despite public judgment and rumors about her love life, she is focused on moving forward and maintaining clear boundaries with her ex, Tristan Thompson. While she hasn’t ruled out dating in the future, Khloé is currently enjoying her time with her kids and staying true to her own rhythm.

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