Juan Soto Injury: Precautionary Exit Due to Forearm Discomfort

During a recent game against the Minnesota Twins, the New York Yankees’ star player, Juan Soto, had to leave due to discomfort in his left forearm. This decision came after a 56-minute rain delay. Soto, along with the Yankees’ medical team, chose to remove him from the lineup to avoid any further risk of injury. Alex Verdugo took Soto’s place in the lineup, moving to left field while Aaron Judge shifted to right.

Understanding Soto’s Injury

Juan Soto had been experiencing discomfort in his forearm for about one to two weeks before the game. Despite this, he managed to continue playing effectively, without any noticeable impact on his performance. However, after the rain delay, the decision was made to take him out of the game as a precaution. Soto is scheduled to undergo further tests to understand the extent of the issue.

Soto’s Recent Performance

Before he was taken out, Soto had a solid performance, reaching base twice through walks in his three at-bats. This season, Soto has been exceptional, with a batting average of .318, an on-base percentage of .424, and a slugging percentage of .603. Over the last 18 games, he has been a crucial part of the Yankees’ lineup, hitting .365 with eight home runs and 19 RBIs.

Insights from Manager Aaron Boone

Yankees manager Aaron Boone explained that Soto’s forearm soreness hadn’t significantly affected his play until the rain delay. “It hasn’t really impacted his throwing or swinging,” Boone said. “But once we had that rain delay, we felt it wasn’t wise to put him back in the game.”

Soto’s Durability and Impact

Throughout his MLB career, Juan Soto has shown remarkable durability. He has consistently played without major interruptions, with his last stint on the injured list being in April 2021. This season, Soto’s presence has been vital for the Yankees, who currently boast the best record in MLB at 45-19. Keeping Soto healthy is key as they aim to stay on top of the American League East and continue their winning streak.

Upcoming Games and Soto’s Free Agency

The Yankees are gearing up to face the Los Angeles Dodgers in a three-game series this weekend. As they await the results of Soto’s imaging tests, both the team and their fans are hoping for a swift recovery for their star player.

Soto, who joined the Yankees in a significant trade from the Padres last offseason, is also heading towards free agency at the end of this season, making his health and performance even more critical.


Juan Soto’s situation will be closely watched by the Yankees and their fans. The hope is that this precautionary step will prevent any long-term issues, allowing Soto to continue his standout season and help lead the Yankees in their quest for a championship.


Why did Juan Soto leave the game against the Minnesota Twins?

Juan Soto exited the game due to discomfort in his left forearm, which was a precautionary move following a rain delay.

How long has Juan Soto been dealing with his forearm issue?

Soto has been experiencing forearm discomfort for about one to two weeks before the game.

What will the Yankees do next about Soto’s injury?

Soto will undergo further imaging to assess the extent of his forearm discomfort.

Has Soto’s performance been impacted by the injury?

Despite his forearm discomfort, Soto has performed exceptionally well, maintaining high batting averages and contributing significantly to the team.

How important is Soto’s health to the Yankees?

Soto’s health is vital for the Yankees as they lead the MLB and aim to continue their winning streak.

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