Jaylen Brown Dating: Exploring the Rumors with Bernice Burgos

Following his standout performance in the NBA Finals, fans worldwide have been buzzing with curiosity about Jaylen Brown’s romantic involvements. While the Celtics star has typically kept his personal life private, recent rumors swirling on social media have sparked discussions about a potential relationship with Bernice Burgos.

The Genesis of Romance Gossip

Rumors began surfacing in September 2022 when Jaylen Brown and Bernice Burgos were spotted dancing together in a New York City pub. The speculation intensified in February 2023 with viral images showing the pair getting cozy on a beach. Despite these public sightings and Burgos hinting at a romantic Valentine’s Day celebration, Jaylen Brown has yet to officially acknowledge their relationship.

Meet Bernice Burgos

Bernice Burgos, the alleged love interest of Jaylen Brown, is far from your average individual. At 44 years old, she’s a renowned supermodel and internet personality who defies age norms in the fashion industry. Burgos gained widespread recognition in 2024 through her appearance on VH1’s The Impact and serves as a brand ambassador for Fashion Nova, a prominent clothing and cosmetic brand.

Exploring Burgos’s Past

Before her rumored involvement with Jaylen Brown, Bernice Burgos was linked to celebrities like Drake in 2015. However, she dismissed these rumors, clarifying that she and Drake were merely friends. As a mother and grandmother, Burgos’s life experiences extend beyond her glamorous career, and she maintains a level of privacy, particularly regarding her personal relationships.

Navigating the Age Gap

One intriguing aspect of Jaylen Brown and Bernice Burgos’s alleged relationship is their significant age difference. While details about their dynamic remain unconfirmed, their public appearances and social media presence continue to fuel speculation among fans and media outlets alike.

Maintaining Silence

Despite the ongoing speculation surrounding their rumored romance, both Jaylen Brown and Bernice Burgos have opted to remain silent on the matter. With no official confirmation or denial from either party, fans are left to ponder the nature of their connection and eagerly await any updates.


As Jaylen Brown’s star continues to rise on the basketball court, his personal life remains a topic of fascination for many. While rumors abound and speculation runs rampant, the true nature of his relationship with Bernice Burgos remains elusive. For now, fans can only speculate and anticipate any official statements, adding another layer of intrigue to Jaylen Brown’s evolving love life.


1. Are Jaylen Brown and Bernice Burgos officially dating?

No official confirmation has been provided by either Jaylen Brown or Bernice Burgos regarding their relationship status.

2. Who is Bernice Burgos, and what is her connection to Jaylen Brown?

Bernice Burgos is a 44-year-old supermodel and internet personality rumored to be linked with Jaylen Brown, though their relationship remains speculative.

3. What sparked the rumors about Jaylen Brown and Bernice Burgos?

Rumors began circulating in 2022 when they were seen together in New York City, followed by viral images showing them getting cozy on a beach in February 2023.

4. How does Bernice Burgos maintain her privacy?

Despite her fame, Burgos keeps her personal life private, dismissing past rumors about her relationships and choosing not to disclose details publicly.

5. Will there be official confirmation about their relationship?

Both parties have remained silent on the matter, leaving fans to speculate until any official statements are made.

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