Golden Bachelor Divorce: Insights from The Golden Bachelor

Gerry Turner, at 72, breathed new life into the beloved “The Bachelor” series. As a charming widower and retired restaurateur, he captivated audiences by dating vibrant women in their 60s and 70s.

Among these contestants, Theresa Nist, a 69-year-old financier who had also experienced the loss of a spouse, quickly became a standout. Their connection flourished on-screen, leading to a highly anticipated and televised wedding on January 4. Unfortunately, just a few months later, they announced their separation, pointing to irreconcilable differences.

Support from Susan Noles and Kathy Swarts

Following the news of the split, Susan Noles and Kathy Swarts, two of Gerry’s close co-stars from the show, rallied to his side. They recently shared their thoughts on SiriusXM’s “The Jess Cagle Show.”

Susan, who had the honor of officiating Gerry and Theresa’s wedding, expressed her sympathy for Gerry. “I’ve gotta support this man a little bit. I feel like he got the wrong end of it,” she said, highlighting the strain caused by Theresa’s decision to stay in New Jersey and continue her job, rather than relocating to be with Gerry.

Kathy, who had her own on-screen disagreements with Theresa, backed up Susan’s sentiments. She added, “Gerry’s a nice guy. Theresa’s a lovely lady. You know, s–t happens. We like them both.” Both Susan and Kathy acknowledged that the rapid pace of their relationship and subsequent marriage posed significant challenges, making their breakup almost inevitable.

Unpacking the Reasons Behind the Breakup

Gerry and Theresa’s relationship seemed ideal on the surface, but deeper issues unraveled their bond. Living in separate states—Gerry in Indiana and Theresa in New Jersey—posed a substantial obstacle.

Both had deep-rooted ties to their respective homes and families, which neither wanted to compromise. Gerry’s frustration grew as they struggled to reconcile their differing lifestyles and commitments, leading to their mutual decision to go their separate ways, despite their heartfelt connection.

Fans’ Mixed Reactions and Family’s Plea for Compassion

The announcement of their divorce stirred a wave of emotions among fans. Many felt let down, while others harshly criticized Gerry. His daughter, Angie Turner, took to Instagram to address the backlash, sharing the emotional toll it took on their family.

“It’s no surprise the news of my Dad and Theresa choosing to split has sparked a range of emotions and opinions,” she wrote. Angie urged fans to remember the humanity behind the headlines, noting, “Behind every story, there are real people with real feelings.” She also expressed deep appreciation for those who extended love and understanding during this tough period.

The Future for Kathy and Susan in Bachelor Nation

Despite Gerry and Theresa’s divorce, the journey isn’t over for Susan and Kathy in Bachelor Nation. Both women have endeared themselves to fans and could have more roles in the franchise’s future. While Joan Vassos has been announced as the lead for the upcoming “Golden Bachelorette,” there’s still buzz about Kathy and Susan potentially taking the spotlight in future shows or possibly in a “Golden Bachelor In Paradise” spinoff.


Gerry Turner’s story on “The Golden Bachelor” was a heartfelt exploration of love later in life. Though his marriage to Theresa Nist didn’t stand the test of time, it underscored the complexities and joys of embarking on new relationships.

As Susan and Kathy continue to support Gerry and navigate their own paths in Bachelor Nation, they remind us that endings can lead to new beginnings and that every chapter, no matter how brief, holds its own significance.

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