Chace Crawford Dating: From Carrie Underwood to Rebecca Rittenhouse

Chace Crawford, beloved for his performances in Gossip Girl and The Boys, has ventured through the highs and lows of romance, encountering notable figures from both Hollywood and reality television. Let’s delve into the chapters of his love life:

Sparks Fly with Carrie Underwood

In the blossoming days of May 2007, Chace Crawford found himself entwined in the world of country music sensation Carrie Underwood, fresh off her triumph in American Idol. Their love story, however, concluded swiftly by April 2008. Yet, the aftermath was marked by mutual respect and a graceful parting of ways.

A Season with Rachelle Goulding

Post-*Gossip Girl*’s finale in 2012, Crawford found solace in the company of Canadian model Rachelle Goulding, commencing their journey together in March 2013. Their tale unfolded over a year, bidding adieu in July 2014 with fond memories and no bitterness, as Crawford reminisced, “We had fun.”

The Weekend Affair with Audrina Patridge

In the tapestry of 2014, Chace Crawford briefly intertwined his life with *The Hills* luminary Audrina Patridge. Their reunion, fueled by past encounters, ignited a brief yet passionate flame. Alas, their story reached its conclusion after a captivating weekend, with no further chapters to be written.

Love Amidst the Oil: Rebecca Rittenhouse

Amidst the set of *Blood & Oil* in 2015, Crawford discovered a profound connection with actress Rebecca Rittenhouse. For three years, their love blossomed until parting ways in 2018. Despite the end, they found solace in shared custody of Shiner, a testament to their enduring friendship.

A Single Journey Ahead

As the curtains draw on June 2024, Chace Crawford embarks on a solitary path. In a candid revelation on the *Call Her Daddy* podcast, he confessed to the turmoil of his romantic endeavors, venturing into the realm of the dating app Raya with little success. Yet, amidst the chaos, he remains resolute in his pursuit of personal growth and career endeavors.


Chace Crawford’s romantic odyssey reflects a tapestry woven with high-profile dalliances and serene farewells. While the future holds mysteries of its own, Crawford strides forth with an unwavering focus on self-discovery and fulfillment, leaving fans eager to witness the next chapter of his journey in love.


1. Who are some of Chace Crawford’s notable ex-girlfriends?

Chace Crawford has been romantically linked with prominent personalities like Carrie Underwood, Rachelle Goulding, Audrina Patridge, and Rebecca Rittenhouse.

2. Did Chace Crawford share any pets with his exes?

Yes, during his relationship with Rebecca Rittenhouse, Chace Crawford and her shared custody of a dog named Shiner, whom they rescued together.

3. What is Chace Crawford’s current relationship status?

As of June 2024, Chace Crawford is single. Despite trying his luck on the dating app Raya, his quest for love has been met with challenges.

4. How did Chace Crawford describe his past relationships?

Reflecting on his romantic past, Chace Crawford speaks fondly of his ex-partners, highlighting the enjoyable and positive moments they shared together.

5. Is there hope for reconciliation with any of Chace Crawford’s exes?

While Chace Crawford maintains friendly relations with his exes, there are no signs of reconciliation. Each relationship has ended gracefully, leaving room for new beginnings in the future.

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