Carl Radke Dating: Relationship Status Behind the Scenes

Carl Radke from Bravo’s *Summer House* has shared that he’s not dating anyone right now. In a recent chat with the *New York Times*, Carl opened up about his life after breaking up with Lindsay Hubbard. This interview came right after the dramatic Season 8 finale, where he called off their engagement just months before their wedding.

Carl’s Relationship Status

Almost a year since the breakup, Carl is enjoying being single. He told the *New York Times* that he’s “fully single for the first time in years” and plans to stay that way for a few more months. Carl is focusing on his health, career, and spending time with friends and family as he approaches his 40th birthday.

A Fresh Start

Carl mentioned that he was advised not to date during the first year of sobriety, advice he didn’t follow initially. But now, he sees the benefit of taking a break from relationships to work on himself. “I’m looking forward to this summer because of my friends and getting back to having fun,” he said.

Reflecting on His Breakup with Lindsay

Carl admitted he didn’t handle the breakup with Lindsay well. “I’m not proud of how I was handling the situation and how I was treating her,” he confessed. He recognized his struggle with communication and took responsibility for his part in the relationship issues.

Lindsay Hubbard’s New Relationship

Lindsay Hubbard has moved on and is dating someone new. Before the *Summer House* Season 8 finale, she revealed she was with an old flame she first dated in 2020. Lindsay described her new partner as “wonderful” and is happy to have reconnected with him.

Looking Forward

Carl remains positive about the future. Even though he’s taking a break from dating, he hasn’t given up on the idea of finding love. “I do want to have a family and I do want to settle down, but who you get married to is one of the most important decisions you ever make,” he shared.

For now, Carl is focusing on himself, his career, and having a fun summer with friends, taking this time to reset and move forward.


Is Carl Radke currently dating anyone?

No, Carl Radke is not seeing anyone right now. He is focused on his own health and growth.

Why did Carl Radke call off his engagement to Lindsay Hubbard?

Carl broke off the engagement because he had trouble communicating and did not handle the situation well, which he feels bad about.

How is Carl Radke spending his time now that he is single?

Carl is focused on his health, his job, and spending time with family and friends while enjoying the summer. He will soon be 40 years old.

What advice did Carl receive about dating during his sobriety journey?

Carl was told to stay away from dates for the first year after getting sober. He now knows this advice was helpful, even though he didn’t take it at first.

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