Carl Radke Break Up With Lindsay Hubbard: Signs Leading to Their Split

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s breakup shocked many fans of “Summer House,” but as season 8 progressed, several signs hinted that their relationship was heading toward an inevitable end. Let’s look at the key moments and issues that led to their split.

The Proposal and Its Aftermath

In August 2023, Carl Radke, 39, ended his engagement with Lindsay Hubbard, 37, just a year after proposing. Lindsay was devastated and claimed she was “completely blindsided” by Carl’s decision. She felt that Carl “blew up my entire life” by breaking up with her on camera, alleging that producers manipulated her into an on-screen breakup.

Solo Wedding Planning

From the start of season 8, Lindsay was struggling with planning the wedding alone. Although Carl was initially enthusiastic about their engagement, he became less involved in the preparations. Lindsay was frustrated and overwhelmed, handling everything on her own while Carl didn’t offer the support she needed.

Communication and Conflict

Throughout the season, communication issues and conflicts between Carl and Lindsay became more apparent. During one episode, Carl’s joke about changing their pet names from “babe” to “dude” highlighted the growing tension between them. This minor disagreement foreshadowed more significant issues to come.

Accusations and Trust Issues

A major turning point was when Lindsay accused Carl of being under the influence of drugs, calling him “Cocaine Carl” during a heated argument. Carl maintained his sobriety, but Lindsay’s allegations and the subsequent fallout revealed deep-seated trust issues. Lindsay’s excessive drinking also became a recurring problem, exacerbating conflicts and creating a volatile dynamic.

Career and Ambition Clashes

Carl’s unemployment and lack of clear career direction added to the strain. Lindsay was frustrated with Carl’s career indecisiveness and the financial burden it placed on their future. Carl’s idea of opening a sober sports bar was dismissed by Lindsay, highlighting their differing visions for their life together.

Intimacy and Emotional Disconnect

Lindsay was dissatisfied with their sex life and confided in friends about their lack of intimacy, noting that Carl was “not a very sexual person.” This lack of physical connection contributed to Lindsay’s growing doubts about their compatibility and Carl’s ability to meet her emotional and physical needs.

External Opinions and Influence

Friends and castmates also played a role in highlighting the cracks in their relationship. Conversations with housemates like Kyle Cooke brought to light Lindsay’s problematic behavior and Carl’s tendency to compromise. Friends’ observations about Lindsay’s drinking and Carl’s struggles with maintaining sobriety further underscored their challenges as a couple.

The Final Straws

As the season progressed, it became clear that both Carl and Lindsay had significant reservations about their future together. Lindsay’s desire to be a stay-at-home mom clashed with Carl’s expectations of her being an independent, career-driven partner. Carl’s realization that Lindsay might not fully support his career ambitions added to the mounting pressure. By the final episodes, both were questioning their decision to marry, leading to a tumultuous breakup.


Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s relationship was marked by numerous challenges, from communication breakdowns and trust issues to career clashes and intimacy problems. As season 8 of “Summer House” unfolded, it became evident that their differences were too significant to overcome, culminating in a highly publicized and emotionally charged breakup.

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