Bryton Constantin Dating: Unexpected Romance with Jade Gentile

*Bryton Constantin’s appearance on Netflix’s Squid Game: The Challenge showcased his bold demeanor and unwavering confidence. Transitioning to Perfect Match, Bryton carried over this assertive attitude, leaving viewers both impressed and sometimes annoyed. However, beyond the scripted drama of the show, there’s a glimmer of romance unfolding in Bryton’s real life.

Navigating Love and Conflicting Personalities

In the realm of Perfect Match, Bryton’s initial connection with Dominique Defoe encountered obstacles due to their differing personalities, leading to an unexpected breakup. Despite his departure from the show, Bryton’s romantic journey beyond reality TV seems to be taking an intriguing turn.

Peeking into Bryton’s Personal Life

While Bryton’s Instagram feed predominantly showcases gym selfies and moments with family, it’s clear he may have intentionally kept his love life under wraps to avoid spoiling the Perfect Match storyline. Nevertheless, subtle hints in the comments section of his posts suggest a budding romance with someone special.

The Woman in Bryton’s World

Jade Gentile, known professionally as Jazmyn Nyx in WWE’s NXT brand, appears to have caught Bryton’s attention as his current love interest. Their interactions on Instagram hint at a deepening bond, despite Bryton’s on-screen romantic setbacks.

Timing and Speculation

While reports place the filming of Perfect Match Season 2 around August 2023, Bryton’s online exchanges with Jade began in January 2024. This suggests that Bryton and Jade were likely not romantically involved during the show’s production, leaving room for speculation about Bryton’s relationship status at the time.


Although Bryton’s quest for love on Perfect Match didn’t yield lasting results, his real-life romance with Jade Gentile offers a different narrative. Despite the challenges of reality TV, Bryton appears to have discovered genuine affection outside the scripted confines of the show, illustrating that love can indeed transcend the boundaries of television.


1. Is Bryton Constantin currently in a relationship after his stint on Perfect Match?

While Bryton Constantin didn’t find lasting love on Perfect Match, it seems his real-life romance is blossoming. Despite the ups and downs on the show, Bryton has found affection with Jade Gentile, also known as Jazmyn Nyx from WWE’s NXT.

2. Who is Jade Gentile, and how did she capture Bryton’s attention?

Jade Gentile, aka Jazmyn Nyx in WWE’s NXT, has piqued Bryton’s interest as his current romantic interest. Their interactions on social media, filled with sweet comments and exchanges, hint at a growing bond between them.

3. Did Bryton have a girlfriend during his time on Perfect Match?

Perfect Match Season 2 was reportedly filmed around August 2023, while Bryton’s interactions with Jade on Instagram began in January 2024. This suggests that Bryton and Jade likely weren’t romantically involved during the show’s filming, leaving room for speculation about his relationship status at the time.

4. How did Bryton’s on-screen persona influence his dating life outside of Perfect Match?

Bryton’s confident demeanor on Perfect Match, reminiscent of his portrayal in Squid Game: The Challenge, intrigued viewers but also sparked discussions about his compatibility with potential partners. However, his budding relationship with Jade Gentile indicates that genuine connections can surpass the scripted drama of reality TV.

5. What lessons can be learned from Bryton’s romantic journey beyond the realm of reality television?

Despite the hurdles encountered on Perfect Match, Bryton’s burgeoning romance with Jade Gentile illustrates that true love transcends the staged narratives of reality TV. His story highlights the possibility of forming authentic connections beyond the confines of the television screen.

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